BROUGHT BY PAIN @ Hard Club, 2018/11/15

Original Portuguese version on World Of Metal.


Long gone are the days when Hard Club shows were constantly late, and as much as I’m happy with that, this time it wouldn’t have been bad for BROUGHT BY PAIN if there had been an half-hour delay – 20:30 on a working day is too early to achieve a decent crowd. But little by little the venue filled up and by the time Samuel Ouimet asked for an applause for this dad, who was there “supporting him as always”, a considerable number of people vigorously attended his request.

In contrast to the aggression of their sound, they promoted their latest EP “Crafted By Society” – already two years old – and older tracks off “The Dreamer’s Will” with a permanent smile on their faces. The technicality is not as deep-rooted as that of the headliners’, even if their line-up features two BEYOND CREATION members – bass player Hugo Doyon-Karout and guitarist Kévin Chartré – but maybe it was such less exquisite trait that won over the audience; that was my case, at least, as I like diversity.


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