ROTTING CHRIST @ Hard Club, 2018/02/09


More than the ring the combination has to it, I believe the tour was named after both headliners’ latest works only because of that – their shortest lifetime. After all, ROTTING CHRIST‘s “Rituals” had already been released two years prior, the Greeks weren’t exactly promoting it, and having completed 30 years of existence a few months before, something more diverse was more suitable. Fine by me! This is the kind of band who can play any setlist they want and it will always sound “suitable”. Okay, I admit I’d have loved to hear “Athanati Este”, but “The Forest Of N’Gai” was just as blissful. With no surprise, I was totally surrendered – as well as everyone else in that sold out venue.


About Pieni

A metalhead who loves photography and her friends.
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