HAVOK @ Vagos Metal Fest 2017/08/13

Original Portuguese version on Glam Magazine.


It was HAVOK, though, who brought the expression “break everything  up” to life. For many, this was the best concert of the festival, but given the diversity of genres, let’s just say that this was the best thrash concert of the fest.

From “Point Of No Return” and “No Amnesty” to more recent songs such as “Ingsoc”, “Hang ‘Em High” and “F.P.C.” (where David Sanchez called up our attention to bassist Nick Schendzielos, who is indeed impressive, especially on this track), it was a deluxe set through and through.


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3 Responses to HAVOK @ Vagos Metal Fest 2017/08/13

  1. These photos are amazing. Iron Maiden immediately come to mind.

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