H.O.S.T. @ Milagre Metaleiro, 2017/07/22


Last July, Milagre Metaleiro chose Metalpoint for one of its editions. First artist/band of the evening was Manuel Duarte, which I missed due to a family commitment. Got there on time for H.O.S.T. though, which is a toddler – about a year and a half old – but featuring very mature musicians who’ve crossed paths in more or less the same bands before. The only new face was the Dutch singer Gerrit Dries, whose voice sounded just as experienced as the others’ instruments, and therefore a perfect match.

“Bastard Of The Fallen Thrones” is the EP they’re currently promoting, and as much as I enjoyed “Maelstrom”, the cover of ICED EARTH‘s “I Died For You” had a special touch to it.



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