UGLY KID JOE @ AgitÁgueda, 2017/07/14

Original Portuguese version on Glam Magazine.


Águeda has welcomed a wide and diverse range of artists – famous and on their way to become it – since 2006. In this year’s edition, representing rock/garage, we had Californian UGLY KID JOE performing for a plentiful crowd of all ages. Whitfield Crane was truly impressed by seeing so many kids, which earned their parents the singer’s praise and dedicatory of “Cats In The Cradle” – sung along at full power not only by the aforementioned parents.

Whitfield was also curious about the umbrellas decorating the ceiling, but since the explanation was too long, someone screamed “because we’re crazy!” and Whit was satisfied with the answer. In fact, he cheered several times the crowd’s energy and the band echoed the statement on their Facebook page after the show.

A setlist that visited UGLY KID JOE‘s whole discography and where the number of songs for the encore depended on how loud we screamed for the band “in a football chant kind of way” (Whit‘s words). We won the maximum prize – three – in the form of MOTÖRHEAD‘s cover of “Ace Of Spades”, “Funky Fresh Country Club” and the hymn “Everything About You”.

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