FOR THE GLORY @ BBBlast! Party, 2017/06/03


I was hoping to frame guitarist João Reis on a mid-air jump but it wasn’t this time yet – shooting hardcore bands among all those slam-dancers isn’t a day at the beach, and when the band is as good as FOR THE GLORY, the hazards are imminent… I stayed up front even after some guy kicked the wall and threw me down on his way back to the floor (thanks Mad Dog for helping me up again), but at some point it was safer to just enjoy the show from the back. And what a show it was. If you’re into hardcore and you don’t know FOR THE GLORY, you’re clearly missing something.


At the time we were waiting for the release of their new video, “When The Time Comes”, but since I’m posting this two months later…

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A metalhead who loves photography and her friends.
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