GRIMLET’s “Theia” presentation @ D.R.A.C., 2017/03/25

“Theia: Aesthetics Of A Lie” is another Raising Legends title on my to-review list so I was eager for this gig – especially since they were playing in their hometown – and they didn’t let me down.

It had been 7 years since I’d last seen GRIMLET (Moita Metal Fest 2010, to be precise), around the time they’d released their sophomore record “Grim Perceptions”, and I had a vague memory of having enjoyed it. I’m sure I did this time.

Among the new songs, they’ve played oldies from both previous albums and BEHEMOTH‘s cover of “Chant For ΕΣΧΗΑΤΟΝ 2000” – the latter introduced by singer David Carvalho as “we’re old people so we like old songs”:D

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