BLAME ZEUS’ “Theory Of Perception” release party @ Hard Club, 2017/03/04


Third is the charm and the third band on stage was the most anticipated one. As a reviewer, I had the honor of listening to “Theory Of Perception” in advance, but to the majority of the crowd this was the first experience with the new songs. A great one, given the feedback to songs like “Slaughter House”, “Miles” (my favorite) or “The Moth” (for which the band had released a lyric video prior to the gig). In “The Devil”, Sandra wore little red-lit horns, as Carnival had been recently celebrated – so I don’t know if she’ll keep wearing them on future concerts. Hope she does – it’s always nice to spice up your image according to what you’re singing. ;)

Towards the end, the beautiful ballad “Rose” provided a very emotional moment. I believe I know what/who this song is about, but since Sandra didn’t reveal more than “it’s a very special song for us”, I will keep my thoughts to myself as well.

With a new line-up, BLAME ZEUS introduced their new record but didn’t forget about their debut “Identity” and it was “The Apprentice” that closed such engaging night. :)

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