DUMB HOLE’s “Bravest Of The Galaxy”

Originally posted in The Independent Voice, but with the wrong rating – should be 4,5 instead of 3,5


 If you don’t know what a dumb hole is, you’ll probably think this is a fun name for a band; but if you do, you might feel a bit deceived. Sure, you’ll always smile at the choice, but since a dumb hole is a sonic black hole, one might expect something just as exquisite. “Bravest Of The Galaxy” is a great album, don’t get me wrong, but not spectacular as a physical phenomenon – whether they went for its silly name or not.

Frontman Leonardo Guzman describes it as “power soul rock”, which sounds good but somewhat vague. Then again, their sound has multiple variations that make it impossible to accurately fit under one label, so “power soul rock” will do. More broadly, DUMB HOLE play a retro mix of rock and electronic, heavy with timeless groove. We’re used to catchy choruses but with DUMB HOLE, it’s the groovy foundation of the melodies – all of them – that linger in our ears. The opening theme “Somebody” is one of the strongest ear-worms here, while “Invincibles” channels a mystic ambient just as enthralling. “Now I See” delivers some parts in Spanish guitar, including the intro, which hint of longing and some dramatic story; as Guzman was born in Argentina, maybe a bit of nostalgia is present as well. Then “She’s All My Love” is straightforward rock, pretty modern, and the closing track “A Free Old Man” flows at a sweet, dreamlike rhythm. An overall great outcome, worth of checking it out – not phenomenal, but great nevertheless.

Label: Schäf Records

Producers: DUMB HOLE & Per Aldeheim


  1. Somebody
  2. I’m Ready
  3. Invincibles
  4. Now I See
  5. She’s All My Love
  6. Dancing Without Sound
  7. Killing For Love
  8. Proud Of You
  9. Deadline
  10. A Free Old Man


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