SONIC SYNDICATE’s “Confessions” release party @ Göta Källare, 2016/10/15

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SONIC SYNDICATE’s new album “Confessions” was released on October 14th via Despotz Records (review here) and that same night they threw a party to celebrate it in Gothenburg. The following night was their hometown Stockholm’s turn, at this fancy night club Göta Källare, in the Södermalm district.

The response of the crowd to MINDSHIFT was great, but when DROPKICK MURPHYS“The Boys Are Back” hinted SONIC SYNDICATE’s entrance, the people gathered closely to the stage and one realized just how packed the place was.

SOSY didn’t play the new album in full but opted for some of its most significant songs like the title-track – which opened the show and then its chorus and main riff served as finale -, “It’s A Shame”, “I Like It Rough”, “Life Is Not A Map” or “Start A War”, the latter with everybody singing along the “oooooooh”s and Nathan complaining about someone out of sync.

I was curious to see how the “new sound” would work among the older direction(s) and I’m more than happy to say that it just does. Sure, most of the older stuff was taken from “We Rule The Night” (“Beauty And The Freak”, “Burn This City”, the title-track, “Revolution Baby”, “Turn It Up”) which at the time already entitled them to accusations of “going pop”. But they did a medley of “Jack Of Diamonds”, “Denied” and “Aftermath”, from the so-called “SOSY metal years”, and it fitted perfectly. I guess it’s their passionate performance that makes such blending so natural.


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  1. frank says:

    you took some amazing pictures!!!

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