SONIC SYNDICATE’s “Confessions”

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A little bird had told me that “Confessions” would be totally different from what SONIC SYNDICATE had done so far. The same little bird even said that many people would claim that “this isn’t SONIC SYNDICATE – a statement that was all over social media as soon as the first single “Start A War” was released. But what is the SONIC SYNDICATE sound after all? This band has been reinventing itself for a few years now and only “Only Inhuman” and “Love And Other Disasters” are similar in sound; you don’t need to be a math genius to realize that two out of six isn’t a majority…

Synths and electronic arrangements are no strangers to SONIC fans, but this time they’re assuming a more leading role, both stronger in numbers and decisive in the direction the songs are heading to – if a spunky party rhythm like the title-track, if the seductive vibe of “It’s A Shame”, or the mix of both that “Falling” carries.

The guitars may be subtler but still key-instruments in the whole process – tracks such as “I Like It Rough” or “Halfway Down The Road” wouldn’t be as catchy otherwise. Or “Closure”, but this one’s an acoustic ballad, with some string arrangements in the background, so… ‘nuff said regarding its catchiness. And speaking of ballads, American singer Madyx joins forces with SOSY and the combination of her voice with Nathan’s gives a new dynamic to the love story told in “Still Believe”.

“Confessions” is a rock album, so expect a more easy-going and upbeat musical approach. No, not “mainstream” as that would imply they were following some popular trend while they’re simply following their own will and open-minded creativity.

Label: Despotz Records

Producer: Kristoffer Folin


  1. Confessions
  2. It’s A Shame
  3. Start A War
  4. Falling
  5. I Like It Rough
  6. Still Believe (feat. Madyx)
  7. Crystalize
  8. Burn to Live
  9. Life Is Not a Map
  10. Russian Roulette
  11. Closure
  12. Halfway Down The Road (fest. Ryan Roxie)

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