EQUALEFT @ Hard Club, 2016/07/07

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There’s always some disregard for local, smaller bands, but this time almost everybody was present when EQUALEFT got on stage, at nine o’clock sharp. When GOJIRA headlined Vagos Open Air a couple of years ago, there was a petition for EQUALEFT to be included in the bill, as their sound is the best match to the French’s. At the time it wasn’t possible but I guess you can’t fight what’s meant to be. This was also the first gig of guitarist Miguel Martins, after a short introduction in December, when he played just a couple of songs(report here), but it was such a milestone in EQUALEFT’s career that former guitarist Veggy flew all the way from Brazil to take part in it.

I’ve been to too many EQUALEFT shows to know how good they are and what kind of positive feedback they get from the crowd, but this being their first time playing in front of so many people, it brought me a special sense of joy & pride – there was a fair share of longtime fans, but they were a novelty to the majority and I saw them surrender to their power groove. And to the chocolate butter cookies they gave away in the end of the show, as it’s their tradition, when singer Miguel returned on stage after a little crowdsurfing (also his usual).


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