SAM ALONE & THE GRAVEDIGGERS @ Canecas Bar, 2016/03/18


Poli Soares is probably best known as the frontman of hardcore acts DEVIL IN ME and DIMENSION, but he also has this folkish rock project running for 8 years now. Which I didn’t know about until recently and oh how sorry I am for it! I went to Canecas out of curiosity and returned home a total fan. The music itself and the fiery performance swept me off my feet. Plus, I’ve realized how good Poli‘s voice is for singing after all – I’d only known his angered screams until then. :D

Despite the “alone” nomenclature, he has a full band backing him up, hence the SAM ALONE & THE GRAVEDIGGERS on the concert bills (which you don’t see on the three records that have been released). And for this tour, there was even Sara Badalo doing backing vocals. She and bassist Pedro Matos have their own thing going on, STORM & THE SUN, where he plays guitar, and further into the show Poli stepped down from the spotlight, Matos exchanged instruments with guitarist João Brito and a STORM & THE SUN song was played. Really good.

In the end, a second encore was asked and they obliged. I know sometimes these things are already  set, but I believe that ending that night with “No Class” was really unplanned. Another night to remember at the best bar in the county. :)

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