CINEMUERTE @ Hard Club, 2015/05/09


CINEMUERTE was formed in 2002 but the first time I’ve ever heard of them was in 2006, when Sophia Vieira joined MOONSPELL on stage to sing “Luna”, on the live presentation of “Memorial”. And I haven’t heard about them ever since. But they’re still around, their latest release dates from December 2014, the EP “DHIST” (the initials of each of its five tracks).

They have a lot of fans (or at least “likes” on Facebook) but apparently there weren’t many of them at Hard Club that night – of the three bands, they were the ones with the least enthusiastic crowd (which wasn’t that big anyway, so the weak reaction was felt even harder). Their alternative rock is way too alternative for my personal taste. But they were awarded “Best Artist of The Week” at Global Rockstar just the other day, so maybe it was just me. Me and the rest of the people at this gig…

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