MINDSHIFT @ Stockholm Copperfields, 2015/04/11


Even though they were formed in 2003/2004, I only took notice of MINDSHIFT about ten years later, when singer Mao and drummer Fabbe joined in. I knew them from another band they shared, BLOWSIGHT, and given the rock nature of the latter, I was more than curious to see how they’d turned out in a metal band. Fabbe I was sure would be fine: there are a few BLOWSIGHT songs with faster beats inbetween and I’ve been to enough concerts to see his passion during those moments – not to mention the genre of music he usually listens to, which is a lot closer to MINDSHIFT‘s own genre. But Mao‘s role in the other band is as bass player, singing the occasional backing vocals, and so I didn’t know what to expect. Well he did surprise me, not only for his vocal skills but for his presence on stage. :)

“Horizon” would be out a month later and would have a proper release gig, so they only played three songs from it (the title-track, “Decay” and “In The End”). The rest was taken from the previous “Evilution, In Time”, and then the KILLSWITCH ENGAGE cover “The End Of Heartache” closed the show. I couldn’t go back to Stockholm for the aforementioned release party, so I’m really glad I had the chance to see this concert. I had a blast! (Except when shooting Fabbe, which was a nightmare with all that smoke and annoying blue lights :X).


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