METHANE @ Stockholm Copperfields, 2015/04/11


Copperfields is a cozy English pub in the borough of Kungsholmen, Stockholm, that also serves as a music venue. And there’s where METHANE and MINDSHIFT joined forces, in a kind of warm-up for their debut albums (MINDSHIFT’s was released in May, METHANE’s is due in the summer).

For what I could gather, it was METHANE who promoted the event, so I thought they’d be the headliners. But they stormed that small, smoky stage first, with their own brand of Southern metal. It was hard to tell who was there for the show or just for some Saturday-night beers, but singer/bassist Tim Scott still welcomed them all with a “nice to see so many ugly motherfuckers here tonight”.

It was guitarist Jimi Masterbo‘s b-day, but sadly no one sang him the happy birthday song. We gave him an applause though. As we did for every song. They played all three songs of the “Southern Metal” EP (2014) and I believe the rest was from the aforementioned upcoming album. I’ll tell you more about that when it’s released. ;)


Hang me high.

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