IMBER @ Rockbitch Boat, 2013/11/10

I don’t know how the focus of my lens suddenly was in manual mode instead of automatic. Maybe I don’t really wanna know… All I know is that it did happen and I only noticed it way too late. But I had to tell you about these girls (okay, and guy, but I’m not sure if Dylan‘s a permanent member in IMBER or just a live one… Anyway, it’s kinda funny that the only guy there is playing the instrument that usually girls play in bands where the majority of the gender is the other way around. :D)

The awesome show wasn’t really a surprise, as I had listen to a few songs before and knew more or less how it would turn out – even if I said that I wanted to check if they jumped and rocked like the Barbies on their video “Naive”, I was pretty sure they would. :D And they did. ;)

That was also the song where singer My asked the crowd to sing along, but it was clear that they knew the lyrics to pretty much all of what they played. Great response from the audience, but then again, it was hard to react otherwise.

If you have the opportunity to see them, go ahead. :) I know I will. ;)


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