MEDEIA @ Hard Club, 2013/11/01

IMG_3435 copy

I think this was the first time I’ve seen the term “alternative death metal”. But since almost every genre has now an “alternative” version, why not death metal as well? Personally, I would have gone with the more traditional “melodic death metal”, although the riffs were too chirp for the usual definition of melodic. Still, not THAT chirp for the frantic cheerleader moves of bass player Samuli Kuusinen… But hey – as long as he’s having fun… ;)

IMG_3422Their third full-length, “Iconoclastic”, had been released five days earlier but curiously they didn’t focus too much on it – just the title-track and “Misery Prevails” were introduced that night. I guess that more than promoting the new album, they were taking the chance of this European tour supporting CHILDREN OF BODOM to promote MEDEIA in general. Wise choice, in my humble opinion – as long as they don’t drastically change in the near future and leave the new fans with that WTF feeling.

They didn’t impress me that much, and the only reason I know of those songs I’ve mentioned was because I read the setlist on the web – none of the sungs stuck in my head. But there’s a long distance between “not impressive” and “not good”. They did entertain the crowd and put up a nice show up there. Just didn’t convince me to listen to their stuff at home or to be thrilled about seeing them live again – and probably because “alternative death metal” is not really my thing. 

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