DECAPITATED @ Hard Club, 2013/11/01

decapitatedThere were many people there more for DECAPITATED than CHILDREN OF BODOM. So when the former played less than 40 minutes, the disappointment was major. Even I, who aren’t the biggest DECAPITATED fan, thought that it was short. They were just a support act, true, but having such a big name, I think everybody was expecting a bit more than that.

On the other hand, they haven’t released anything new since “Carnival Is Forever”, two years ago, so maybe they’re waiting for something new to return in big style.

Anyway, “big style” was the description of the constant mosh circles – the disappointment just regarded the quantity, not the quality of the show.

The major focus was precisely on “Carnival Is Forever”, being their latest work, but they also traveled back to “The Negation” through “Lying And Weak” and “Nihility” with “Spheres Of Madness”, which closed the show.


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