KLONE @ Hard Club, 2013/10/31


Another French prog-ish band – or, in their own words, “metal / rock / psyché” – that put up a great show and enthralled the fans of the genre. The lights were a lot dimmer, and as they don’t exactly stand still and pose for the camera… well, you have the result below. Got one single good-enough pic for my upcoming photobook. :x

They’re still focusing on last year’s release, “The Dreamer’s Hideaway”, but played the title-track of “All Seeing Eye”, the part 2 of “The Eye Of Needle” and a couple of songs from “Black Days” – including Björk‘s cover “Army Of Me”.

It was singer’s Yann Ligner birthday and the tour manager got on stage with a cake, followed by a few members of the other bands. :)




About Pieni

A metalhead who loves photography and her friends.
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