BLOWSIGHT @ Rockbitch Boat, 2013/11/10

BLWSTRBBI booked my trip aboard Rockbitch Boat because of my favorite metalcore band, THE END OF GRACE. So when later my favorite rock band confirmed their presence, it was a blissful bonus. ;)

What can I say about BLOWSIGHT that I haven’t said already? Okay, this time the sound was a bit messy here and there, but that wasn’t their fault (in fact, this happened with other bands and other stages on that cruise…). The performance itself was heartfelt and high-voltage-rock’n’roll-ish as always. As it was the response of the crowd, who included a few “friends from France, Portugal and Germany” – that’s Naïs and Nyny, yours truly and Karo, respectively – to whom Nick thanked in English. :)

The show started with the intro “They Whisper…” followed by “This Pain” and ended with the traditional “Poker Face” and “The Simple Art (Of Making You Mine)” – the kind of tradition that never gets old. The novelty was “It’s Me You’re Looking For”, a song that was chosen by Sixx Picks. Now whoever knows me knows what MÖTLEY CRÜE and Mr. Nikki Sixx mean to me, so having him showing some love for BLOWSIGHT… Awesome doesn’t quite cover it. And they surely deserve it.

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