Revisited: L.A. GUNS @ Sala A!, 2008/10/01

I was burning up with fever that night. The night before I’d driven to Lisbon to see BACKYARD BABIES, slept for about 4 hours and went to work in the morning. To say I was tired was quite an understatement. But I’d waited 15 years to see L.A. GUNS live, and I admit I’d never thought I would until then, so nothing would stop me from enjoying that show.

Sala A! in Vigo is a warehouse, the stage located way up, as if on a first floor and we’re all staring at the band from ground level. So given that height, seeing the drumkit was quite impossible, hence the lack of pictures of Steve Riley – which I deeply regret, as I’ve been a fan of him since his days in W.A.S.P..

Apart from that, everything was just perfect – even though I would have preferred if they’d played “Resurrection” instead of “Gypsy Soul”. The sleazy classics of “Sex Action”, “One More Reason” or “Electric Gypsy”, the emotion of “Over The Edge”, “Crystal Eyes” and “The Ballad Of Jayne”… Yep, perfect. :)

LAGUNS2008Tracii Guns may have given his name to the band, but for me, L.A. GUNS only is L.A. GUNS with Phil Lewis on vocals :heart::

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