Revisited: HARDCORE SUPERSTAR @ Sala Apolo, 2008/04/20

My first HCSS gig. :heart: Getting a bridge camera turned out to be the worst photographic move ever, but I still love these pics, for the great memories they bring me. :)

It was the “Dreamin’ In A Casket” promotional tour, so they played many songs from that album – kicking the show off right with “Need No Company” and “Medicate Me”. But their previous self-titled album is still their best one ever, so the rest of the setlist was based on it. “My Good Reputation” and “We Don’t Celebrate Sundays” were mandatory, so I was counting on them, but I was really thrilled to listen to “She’s Offbeat”, “Hateful” and “Last Forever”.

On “My Good Reputation” the boys in CRASHDÏET, who had been the opening act, got on stage to sing along. But that was just a pretext – it was Jocke‘s birthday that day and at some point, Olli disappeared behind the stage to get a cake that he would smash into Jocke‘s face. :D

HCSS left the stage after “Bag On Your Head”Jocke took the time to wash the cake off his hair and get a clean t-shirt – and they returned with “Kick On The Upperclass”. Then the only song which didn’t belong to either “Hardcore Superstar” or “Dreamin’ In The Casket” – also the very song that made me fall in love with them back in 2000 – “Liberation”. And finally, “for the first time, we WILL celebrate Sundays” (20th April 2008 was a Sunday ;)). Awesome is a bit of an understatement.

HCSS2008The outcome of the cake moment (Olli was too fast for me to catch him while doing it…):
GRATTISJOCKEAnd the only time I managed a pic of Adde was at the end of the show, when he came to greet the fans :P:

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