MEAN ROCK MACHINE @ Hard Club, 2013/06/27

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» The first guys to go on stage were bluesy hard rockers Mean Rock Machine. It’d been a long while since I’d last seen them, and even though Manu’s voice sounded a bit more uncontrolled and broken, the overall performance was great. Their music also sounds better, more mature, and I guess that’s why the cracks in Manu’s voice didn’t bother me. In fact, they added some spice to it, as if failing the highest and/or lowest tones were intentional, to make the song sound rawer.

Manu introduced the new guitar player, Leo, saying that now that the band was whole again, things were starting to fall into place and that soon there would be news about their own upcoming release. Release which they gave us a sneak peak of through songs such as “Ready To Go”“Nice Perfume” or “Sex, Sex And Rock’N’Roll” – even though they’ve been playing the latter for a couple of years already. And then from their debut EP “Just Bang Your Head” they played the classic title-track, “Mean Rock Machine”“Eager Desire” and also “We Wanna Rock L.A.”, which many people sang along. «


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2 Responses to MEAN ROCK MACHINE @ Hard Club, 2013/06/27

  1. Victor says:

    Foi uma noite bem passada.
    Boas fotos!

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