CULT OF LUNA @ Hard Club, 2013/01/28

Yes, there was an opening act – something that proved that contrasts aren’t always the best idea. HHY was way too psychadelic-apocalyptic-dub-jungle-drone-whatever for the average CULT OF LUNA listener. The shy applause in the end was clearly out of courtesy, not admiration.

But it all was forgotten as soon as the Swedes got on stage. Promoting their latest album “Vertikal”, its introductory “The One” and first song “I: The Weapon” marked the beginning of what would become a memorable night.

Then they visited the two previous albums, with “Ghost Trail” and “Finland”, before returning to the current work with both “Mute Departure” and “Vicarious Redemption”. Another step back with “Owlwood” and forward once again with “Passing Through”, “Disharmonia” and a colossal “In Awe Of”, making full justice to its title.

As usual in this kind of band, there was no encore and the interaction with the audience was merely musical, except at the very end, when Johannes Persson expressed a heartfull thank you. Among the strobe lights that have become CULT OF LUNA‘s trademark, Hard Club Room #2 was full of deep emotions and magic that night.


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