THE MARY MAJOR’s “grinding teeth, guard down”

Originally written for HINTF

» Not long after BESEECH announced the end of their line in 2006, six of their seven members reunited in THE MARY MAJOR. Guitarist Manne Engström, however, didn’t last more than a few months, but he wasn’t replaced either – the sound of this new project left behind the gothic vein to which they used to be associated with and focus now in a rawer rock, a rawnees enhanced by using one guitar only.

Using their own words, THE MARY MAJOR play “straight-to-the-point, kick-ass rock’n’roll” and the first three tracks, “Letter To Myself”, “Ahead Of You” and “Without Sequel”, bring to life that definition – simple and straightforward guitars, strong and driven beats, and vocals that stick in our ears. But it’s Lotta Höglin‘s “background high-pitches”, over her normal tone, the powerful bass doing more than just setting the pace, and the tearing guitar solo that make of the fourth track “High On Demand” a hightlight.

“First Impression” reaches a dirtier and lower sound, with an almost grunge distortion and, again, a more present bass line. “Visitors”, on the other hand, gets close the metal field – heavier, faster, and a harsher voice on Erik Molarin‘s part.

Despite the somewhat psychotic lyrics in “Basecment”, the song itself is pretty rock-ish, not obscure at all. Just as, in “End Of Society”, Erik and Lotta remind us of what we used to hear in BESEECH, but in a melodic rock tune instead of a goth one.

“Backfire” belongs with the first songs, and “Barcelona” follows the path of “Visitors” in terms of heaviness – not a fast track, but definitely heavy, where many heads will bang to its rhythm. Is also where Lotta explores her higher pitches, this time in the foreground.

In the end we have the ballad “Anxious”, with only Erik‘s voice singing some melancholic words to the sound of one guitar (electric, not the acoustic that’s become so popular in ballads nowadays).

The debut album “04:13” saw the light of day in the end of 2009 and according to the band’s website “it didn’t disappoint either fans or critics”. I believe the reaction to this “Grinding Teeth, Guard Down” will be the same. «

Label: Rambo/Sony Music

Producers: The Mary Major


  1. Letter To Myself
  2. Ahead Of You
  3. Without Sequel
  4. High On Demand
  5. First Impression
  6. Visitors
  7. Basement
  8. End Of Society
  9. Backfire
  10. Barcelona
  11. Anxious

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