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» “Disappearance”, the intro of the album we were celebrating, opened the way to “Pure Hate” and all hell broke loose. And if that was so with a brand new song, imagine right afterwards, with a track from the previous album, so well-known by the crowd – “Silence”. Chaos was launched and there was no turning back.

Some of the songs in “Straight From Within” had been played live before, like “Only The Stronger Will Survive” and “Without Recognition”, so the audience was familiar with them. So familiar that they asked for one that the band wasn’t even intending to play –“Evil(ution)”. But as Raça said, that wasn’t just the band’s party, this was our party too, so if we wanted that song, we would get it.

Echidna-Capela got on stage to co-sing “Anger Mode: On”, with a microphone lent by Equaleft-Miguel. When thanking him, Raça said that “one of these days I’ll invite you to sing with me”. Many understood the hint that “the day” was that very one, and a few sons later,Miguel guested on “Pull The Trigger” – originally recorded by Switchtense-Hugo, who couldn’t be there that night.

Another highlight was “Bleed”, introduced as the slowest song in the album (“things need to calm down a bit now”) and obviously being the exact opposite. Also the stage invasion in “Surrounded By Evil”, withRaça letting them sing up there while he joined the mosh pit. And him saying he would try to keep up with the crowd’s energy, but he had turned 36 that week and it wouldn’t be easy – people cheered and sang happy birthday.

Raça thanked several times to everyone for being there, guest bands included. But given the happiness in everyone’s faces, I guess the gratitude was mutual. «

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2 Responses to REVOLUTION WITHIN’s STRAIGHT FROM WITHIN release party, 2012/09/22

  1. Rui Alves says:

    Thank you very much!!! We love you Renata!!!

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