ARCH ENEMY @ Vagos Open Air, 2012/08/04

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» Like the night before, a Swedish melodic death metal band was headlining – Arch Enemy. “Yesterday Is Dead And Gone”, despite being a recent song, was welcomed with a roar. And then with “Ravenous”, probably the first big hit with Angela Gossow on vocals, the crowd just went ballistic. And there was no turning back from there.

Loud “hey”s and jumps went along “My Apocalypse”, as well as “ooooohhhh” in its guitar solo, as Angela wanted to hear us sing.
Then they were screaming her name and the singer thanked for it and several other things, like “thank you for rocking hard with us, you fucking rule!”. She thought we were “ready for the next one”, and she wanted to see “fucking blood and hair and bones flying up in the air” while the band performed “Bloodstained Cross”.

Daniel Erlandsson is already a very respected drummer for his playing skills. Now, he’s also respected for his bravery, as he played with a broken finger on his right hand. And he didn’t miss a beat! I can’t even imagine the ordeal that must have been. Me and the whole Valkyrian Music team wishe him all the best. Anyway, Angela asked for a shout out for him, some “Daniel choirs” instead of “Angela choirs”, and she didn’t have to ask twice. And despite the following song being “a bit like he feels today”, “Dead Eyes See No Future” was dedicated to us, the crowd.

After that, Nick Cordle, the new guitar player that replaced Christopher Amott in March, started a solo that Michael Amott would continue with “Intermezzo Liberté”, an instrumental song featured in “Rise Of The Tyrant” and that I still think is a bit Steve Vai-influenced.

“No Gods, No Masters” was for those who “stay rebel at heart”. That verse, as many others from other songs, were playing on the video-walls, with sequences of images, instead of the concert. So if you didn’t know the lyrics, you could always look up for the main verses – although most of them clearly didn’t need it.

Another brilliant gig that ended another brilliant edition of Vagos Open Air with the song “Fields Of Desolation”. According to Arch Enemy’s official facebook, we sang “louder than the PA sometimes”, even after “two long days of sun, heat and heavy metal”. More to come next year! «

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