ELUVEITIE @ Vagos Open Air, 2012/08/03

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» The folk fans had much to rejoice, as Eluveitie was up next. The Swiss released a new album in February and it was its intro, “Prologue”, and title-track, “Helvetios”, that set the wheels in motion. In fact, the majority of the setlist was consisted of recent songs.

Chrigel Glanzmann said it was “a pleasure and a fucking honour to finally be back in your beautiful country”, not only because “it is cool to be here and all the girls are fucking beautiful and hot” but also because it was a country with its own Celtic history. And for that, we got “Neverland”. Later, “Inis Mona” would also be “for you”.

I think it was before “Meet The Enemy” that Chrigel teased the crowd, saying that he had heard that Vagos was a metal festival but it hadn’t seemed like it so far. “Go fucking crazy!”, he screamed. And they did.

Also before “Kingdom Come Undone” he told some guy (“you in the Amon Amarth t-shirt”) to lead the pit right from the back to the front. “Havoc” was both the last song and the best word to describe the mosh pits made by the Eluveitie’s fans. «


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