NORTHLAND @ Vagos Open Air, 2012/08/03

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» If the violin wasn’t hint enough, singer/guitarist Pau Murillo’s shirt saying “folk you” would surely enlighten you about what would come next – if you had never heard about Northland. That didn’t seem to be the case of many, as they cheered loudly as the members got on stage and sang the lyrics to “Where The Heroes Die” themselves, since Pau’s mic wasn’t working. But that didn’t stop the party. The crowdsurfing kept the security guys busy right from the start, technical problems or not.

The Spanish band has one self-titled album out alone, released in 2010, but it’s currently finishing the recordings for its follow-up – which I believe was how their label Black Bards got them in this year’s bill. “Whispers In The Wind” is one of the new songs and it is “against governments, against politicians”. To create a bigger impact, Pau added “fuck them” to the introductory speech. Despite the similarity between Spanish and Portuguese, he always addressed the audience in English. Wise choice, in my personal opinion.

“Immortal Forest Song” and “Revenge” were the last tracks of a great and happy show. I even heard some people saying that, even though folk wasn’t their cup of tea, Northland kept them hyped up. Assuming they were there for the heaviest stuff, I’d say that’s a big praise. «

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