WEB @ Lipor, 2012/07/14

Probably the shortest WEB gig I’ve ever seen, but given the atmospheric circumstances, it still felt too long.

A few songs from “Deviance”, “If Only There Was Light” from “World Wild Web”, and voilá.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one going blind from the strobes. Victor complained about getting some solos wrong because he was seeing the strings dancing. I honestly didn’t notice. But just as I missed some good shots because my fingers were too numb from the cold to click the right moment, maybe my ears were numb as well.


Yep, I feel your despair, Nando

About Pieni

A metalhead who loves photography and her friends.
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4 Responses to WEB @ Lipor, 2012/07/14

  1. Victor Matos says:

    Hi pieni.
    Good Job!!
    In that conditions was impossible doing better, I liked this photos 🙂

  2. Miguel"Inglês" says:

    Good Work, Victor´s Photos rocking on stage are the best 🙂

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