EQUALEFT @ Lipor, 2012/07/14

This is why I was there, out in the freezing night – to see Mike‘s live debut with EQUALEFT, behind the (orange) 4 strings. They had the worst sound, the worst lights, the majority of technical problems happened during their set… They even left the stage before playing “Invigorate”, so Miguel had to wield his lightsaber among the audience later on (he just couldn’t go home without cutting the air with it a couple of times :D).

And to think that, before the show began, Berny‘s only concern was “como é que vou armar a puta ali em cima?”, which is something like “how am I going to raise hell up there” with a bad word inbetween…

At the same time, I think Mike can feel motivated by this disastrous event – things now can only get better…


Equal, the fallen hero:

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3 Responses to EQUALEFT @ Lipor, 2012/07/14

  1. Miguel"Inglês" says:

    Thanks for The Photos 🙂 they are much better than the f… sound that was at the gig oololol
    It wasn´t a great show but next one sure will have better sound (Hope).
    Everyone one was caught on pictures 🙂 so at least it was one of the good things this gig Had 🙂
    and the Skateboard 🙂 ahaha

    Last Picture is great, even Equal lost his patience with shitty sound

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