SUICIDAL ANGELS @ SWR Porto Hard, 2012/06/18

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» The second night was 100% old school thrash metal, in another nearly sold-out Hard Club.

Greek SUICIDAL ANGELS set the crowd on fire right away with the title-track of their fourth album “Bloodbath”.

It took the band 8 years (and several line-up changes) to achieve a certain status among the thrash community, with their second album “Sanctify The Darkness”. Yet, they seemed pretty unknown to the majority of the Portuguese audience – although some loud voices sang along Nick Melissourgos. But knowing or not, they all raised their fists in the air and screamed “hey!” when they had to, clearly enjoying the show.

“Bleeding Holocaust” and “Chaos (The Curse Is Burning Inside)” were some of the highest moments, but the peak was reached during the two final tracks – “Moshing Crew”, for which Nick asked for a mosh pit “to the end of the room”, and the “hit-single” “Apokathilosis”, where the same Nick conducted a wall of death. «

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