XANDRIA @ Hard Club, 2011/04/22

Original Portuguese version here: http://www.backstageforum.com/t4732-reportagem-epica-stream-of-passion-xandria-hard-club-22-04-2012#30072

» The clock didn’t strike 19:00 yet and the queue for Hard Club’s Room #1 was already beyond Room #2. XANDRIA, with their 15-year-old career, wasn’t just any opening act and there were many who didn’t want to miss a thing, especially when the German band would play for just half an hour. Before the opening of the doors, guitarists Marco Heubaum and Philip Restemeier, in charge of the band’s merchandise, were approached by several fans for photos and autographs.

All six tracks of the short setlist belonged to their latest work, “Neverworld’s End”, except the last one, “Ravenheart” – probably their most popular song, released in 2004.

After the inccident with Nils Middelhauve‘s index finger, whose blood poisoning forced the bass player to undergo two surgeries already, Fabio D’Amore from Austrian SERENITY took hold of the five strings and seemed totally at ease, interacting both with the other musicians and the audience, as if he’s always been in the band.

Philip spoke in a Brazilian Portuguese – which he was completely aware of and therefore apologized – that they would be outside in the end of EPICA‘s gig, if we wanted meet them. Given the way the crowd screamed during and between songs, I’m sure that many did so. «


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