EQUALEFT @ Hard Club, 2012/04/13

I found out in this concert that the “new guy”, Berny, likes to kick the air and jump. Given the number of times I’ve seen EQUALEFT = number of photos I already have of them, I decided that next time I’ll just take a few shots of Veggy, Filipe and Marcos and then I’ll focus just on Berny and Miguel‘s movements. They’re the perfect models for live-action photos :XD:

There was a guy who had his birthday on that day (or close to it), so Miguel invited him on stage and made us all sing “Happy Birthday”. Later, he also asked the Roller Derby girls to get up there, ending up extending the invitation to everyone.

When the crowd asked for an encore, I was hoping they would play Carlos Paião cover of “Playback” – it’s been a while since the last time they’ve done it. But I guess Berny never rehearsed it (not even sure if Filipe has), so they played “Suffer No More” again – their “hit single” :D


About Pieni

A metalhead who loves photography and her friends.
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6 Responses to EQUALEFT @ Hard Club, 2012/04/13

  1. MIG-Equaleft says:

    Thanks Cousin 🙂
    Great Photos 🙂
    all Equaleft members are on it eheheh


  2. Victor (Padrinho) says:

    Good Work
    Good Photos.

  3. MIG-EQUALEFT says:

    Que anda o Berny a fazer no ar olloolol

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