STREAM OF PASSION @ Hard Club, 2012/04/22

Original Portuguese version here:

» With less “baggage” but equal recognition, Dutch STREAM OF PASSION came up next, in a performance that singer Marcela Bovio herself described as “legendary”. Her Mexican origins allowed her to speak almost the whole show in a mix of Portuguese with some Spanish, switching to English only at the farewell to say, like XANDRIA, that they would be at the merch stand waiting for us, at the end of the event.

Although “Darker Days” has been released in June of last year, STREAM OF PASSION‘s setlist was more diversified than their predecessors’, with songs from all three albuns they’ve released so far. They began with “Lost”, continued with “Passion” (from the very first “Embrace The Storm”, with the participation of the acclaimed Arjen Lucassen), going through tracks like “In The End” and RADIOHEAD‘s cover “Street Spirit”, and ending with “This Endless Night”.

Despite the technical problems in Eric Hazebroek guitar, those were 45 minutes of undoubtful quality, where I can let go unmentioned the constant jumps of bassist Johan van Stratum. «

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1 Response to STREAM OF PASSION @ Hard Club, 2012/04/22

  1. Lightzone says:

    Haha det ska jag!
    Kommer förhoppningsvis ha NÅGRA fler rader att skriva om den konserten 😉

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