UNFOLDED VISION @ Hard Club, 2012/04/13

I’ve known César Teixeira for over than 15 years and even though he’s been in several bands, this was the very first time I had the chance to see him on stage. And to realize what a great voice he has :)

When he first addressed to the audience, he said they weren’t musicians – they were just a bunch of gastronomers who also liked music. The band had some friends in the crowd replying to the jokes, so the concert was held in a very funny and friendly environment.

“Lost Soul” was dedicated to their former singer, Henrique Loureiro, who was there as a photographer. :)


About Pieni

A metalhead who loves photography and her friends.
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2 Responses to UNFOLDED VISION @ Hard Club, 2012/04/13

  1. MIG-EQUALEFT says:

    Great Photos of a Hard and Heavy Band . with a good sound 🙂
    one of the last photos with the 2 guitar players and the vocals at the center , EPic Photo

    go Cous 🙂

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