DEAD BY PREGNANCY @ Hard Club, 2012/04/13

Roller Derby Porto decided to celebrate it’s 1st anniversary with a concert, where its girls would be rolling through the audience. Cool!

One of the girls, Tats (a.k.a. Mayven Rage), has her own “activist noise” band so having DEAD BY PREGNANCY on the bill was an obvious choice.

They focus on feminism, equal rights and pro-choice, so I guess that’s why guitarist James Loose was wearing female clothes, and Rodriguez had a battered doll hanging on the arm of his bass – alerting for domestic violence. Now why drummer Ema Rinaldi was dressed in a rubber black suit that left only his eyes (and probably nose and mouth) uncovered, that’s totally beyond me :D

For the song “Bitch”, Mayven called her Roller Derby friends on stage and made them – as well as us – scream the word really loud during the chorus.

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A metalhead who loves photography and her friends.
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2 Responses to DEAD BY PREGNANCY @ Hard Club, 2012/04/13

  1. MIG-EQUALEFT says:

    Like IT Like IT 🙂

    as fotos da Tats tão mesmo fixe 🙂 transmite como foi.
    e do Guitarrista em joelhos Precious

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