Europe Over God Tour @ Metalpoint, 2012/03/16

First time for Costa Rican ADVENT OF BEDLAM in Portugal. So the promotor had a couple of well-known national bands, plus another one not so famous, to help to the party.

That not-so-famous one was I, MACHINERY. As the name indicates, they have an industrial vibe mixed in their death-ish metal (although on their MySpace they claim to play death/progressive). The drums were recorded, the bass player couldn’t make it… but still they did well – although there was no mosh, no matter how strongly the singer (no ideia what his name is, as they make such a secret about their names) incited to it, even stepping down from the stage and provoking directly some people.

They have a 7-track EP called “A1”, which I believe it’s what they played. Apparently, this was also the first gig with a new guitar player.

Then came EQUALEFT, with their groove metal and good spirits. First full concert with Berny on the guitar, and first time ever the band played “Hymns Of Obedience”. Equal, the Moose, dressed up to the event, wearing a red tie :XD:

If you know the band, or read any of my other posts about them, you may know that the guy who left, Maglor, used to wear a Storm Trooper during “Invigorate”. That was the last song of the show, and since there was no Storm Trooper anymore, Miguel came up with his Jedi lighsaber (given to him for his last birthday by yours truly :bow:), not letting the “Star Wars moment” fade away. He used it to divide the crowd in two, for the wall of death.

Incredible concert as always – the Costa Rican guys loved it! – despite the lack of Miguel’s famous jumps. Seems like Filipe hit him with his bass and his back hurt. Well, it comes with the territory ;)

ADVENT OF BEDLAM were thrilled with the Portuguese audience and gave a brutal show of death metal. I’m not sure if people – apart from their friends – knew any of the songs, but they loved them!

They were promoting their latest work, “Flesh Over God” (hence the name of the tour), but I heard singer Roy mentioning their previous/first album, “Behold The Chaos”. And what a chaos that night was (in the good sense, of course).

Last but not least, THE RANSACK. Another mosh-friendly gig. EQUALEFT-Miguel got on stage for one song and later the crowd picked Shore to crowdsurf while playing the guitar at the same time. I didn’t use the word “party” in the first paragraph just because ;)

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  1. Ida says:

    Tack för kommentarerna! : ) Nu är menyn tillbaka, finally…. Nu kan jag blogga som vanligt. Kram!

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