AMORPHIS @ Hard Club, 2011/11/20

Original Portuguese version here:

» It was almost 23:00 when the intro for AMORPHIS finally was heard and, one by one, the headliners took their places on stage – Tomi Joutsen being last, of course.

Promoting “The Beginning Of Times” (trivia: album produced by Marco Hietala, NIGHTWISH bass player), the first song was taken from it: “Song Of The Sage”. From there they followed to the second single, “My Enemy”, before going back to the first album Joutsen recorded with the band, “Eclipse”, through the track “The Smoke” (which was written on the setlist as “Smoke Spliff”).

Only two new more songs were played – “You I Need” and “Crack In A Stone” – the rest of the set being a parade of classics as “Against Widows”, “Vulgar Necrolatry” or “Black Winter Day”. This was the last one before the encore, while “Vulgar…” had a peculiar intro – a parody to the first verses of RAMMSTEIN‘s “Pussy”.

And besides the “real” classics, we also had the joke ones. At a certain point where the audience suggested the next song, someone screamed “I want a beer!”. Joutsen said it would be it, as it was one of the biggest AMORPHIS classics. Esa Holopainen started to improvise a song like the ones we hear in popular carnivals and the rest of the band followed suit, while Joutsen sang in different types of tones “I want a beer”.

“Silver Bride” opened the encore, “My Kantele” was the middle track – with Holopainen playing the final chords in an acoustic guitar, approaching the sound of a true kantele – and “House Of Sleep” closed this excellent concert, after another “big classic” in the same vein as “I Want A Beer”. This one was called “I Want To Go To The Black Metal Party” and Joutsen sang it with a Jamaican accent, making more real the reggae vibe of the theme.

The audience sang by itself one of the last choruses in “House Of Sleep” and its vocal performance deserves to be mentioned. «

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