GWYDION @ Hard Club, 2011/11/27

Original Portuguese version here:

» I wasn’t previously warned about the TURISAS gig being moved to Hard Club’s Room #2. I was counting on the photopit and so I didn’t go to the venue early enough. Therefor the scarce number of photos and their weak quality – didn’t manage good angles – which I apologize for in advance.

It was about a quarter to nine when the intro for GWYDION made itself heard, after “5 long years” (to use singer Ruben Almeida‘s own words) away from the stages of Porto.

While the new album isn’t released, they keep promoting “Horn Triskelion”, although the closing theme is still up to the “classic” “Turning Of The Wheel”, from the debut album “Ŷnis Mön”. We could also listen to a brand new song, “Math Of War”, which they had played for the first time the night before, in Corroios. And before “Six Trials To Become A Beerzerker”, Ruben enlightened the crowd about the difference between a Berserker and a Beerserker: the first drank and fought; the second just drank.

Forty minutes of folk and joy, both on and off stage. «

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