NAHEMAH @ Hard Club, 2011/11/20

Original Portuguese version here:

» As usual at Hard Club, the number of people there when the doors opened wasn’t even 1/10 of what would be registered later. But the expression “few but good” applied and the Spanish were welcomed.

I’ve learnt they would open the evening only two days earlier and I didn’t have the time to check them out (as I had never heard of them before). I could only see that they played progressive death metal (having started with symphonic black metal) and came from Alicante.

It wasn’t the difference in style that I thought curious – it’s quite fashionable nowadays to mix different kinds of metal in the same bill, and since LEPROUS are also progressive, NAHEMAH wasn’t that inappropriate after all. What surprised me was the fact that their latest work (“A New Constellation”) is from 2009. On the other hand, their debut album “Chrysalis” has been made available again, to celebrate its 10th anniversary, and last June they announced that they’d spent the previous months on a “creative break”, where they’d started writing songs for what they believe would become the best NAHEMAH album so far, “one step ahead in terms of quality and spirituality”. The last song played at Hard Club was one of those, but sadly I didn’t understand the title that Pablo Egido pronounced – although his English was perfect. And I use those same words – quality and spirituality – to describe this concert. «

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