SAMAEL @ SWR Porto Hard, 2011/10/05

Original Portuguese version here:


» Also SAMAEL let four years pass until they returned to Portugal, after those two excellent gigs in Corroios and Ribeira de Frades, on the tour promoting “Solar Soul”. Now with “Lux Mundi”, the audience was more than eager to welcome them back.

Besides the sound show, we had a visual one, with a vivid game of lights and a videowall in the background. And the usual jumps of bassplayer Mas – the “professional heavy metal cheerleader”.

“Luxferre” is the first video from de new album, and also the first song of the setlist. And from the new to the “old”, without interruption, they travelled 15 years in time and played “Rain”. Brilliant!

Before “Of War”, Vorph addressed to the audience in Portuguese: “boa tarde! Como estão?” (good evening! How are you?), which obviously got a loud reply.

For almost one hour and a half, SAMAEL went through practically all their discography (“Blood Ritual” and “Above” were the exceptions), in a performance that let no one down.

After “Infra Galaxia” they’ve left us for a few minutes, returning with a three-song encore, from three different eras in their career: “Ceremony Of Opposites”, “Antigod” and “My Saviour”. In the latter, Vorph asked us to scream after him “I… Am… My… Saviour”, telling us in the end “yes, you are”

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