MELECHESH @ SWR Porto Hard, 2011/10/05

Original Portuguese version here:

» It was the first time I’ve seen MELECHESH live (I couldn’t attend Caos Emergente fest in 2007) and I really liked what I saw. Me and the crowd in general, who banged their heads restlessly in the heavier parts and danced during the Arabic melodies – although living in the Netherlands since 1998, the band never forgets its Assyrian-Armenian roots, calling themselves “Mesopotamian metal”. Highlighting that memory, guitarist Moloch got on stage with a black kerchief around his head, leaving just his eyes uncovered, as they use in the deserts of the Middle East (he eventually took it off, as I imagine it would be pretty hot). And two fans in the first row were holding a flag with the Armenian colours.

The songs played ranged between the albuns “Emissaries” (2006) and “The Epigenesis” (2010), going back once to “Sphynx” (2003), with “Triangular Tattvic Face”. They said farewell with “Rebirth Of The Nemesis”. «

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