ANATHEMA @ Vagos Open Air, 2011/08/05

Original text here:, with pictures by Sandra Manuel (


» ANATHEMA was, without any doubt, one of the most anticipated bands of that day – it doesn’t matter how often they play here, the Portuguese audience always welcome them with full heart.

With “our” Daniel Cardoso behind the keys, “Thin Air” started the most emotional setlist of the festival. Vincent Cavanaugh greeted the audience in Portuguese: “olá pessoal, tudo bem?” (hello people, everything’s fine?). But in the middle of “Summernight Horizon” things stopped being fine, as a technical problem on the PA sent the power down. The people didn’t find it funny, but the band smiled. The problem was solved quickly (at least for a while, as it happened again twice, but without interrupting the performance, as far as I’m aware) and they continued with “Dreaming Light”.

Singing along or clapping their hands, the audience’s involvement was continuous. Vincent even screamed “caralho!” (our equivalent to something like “fuck yeah!”), by the end of “A Simple Mistake”, if I’m not mistaken, such was his satisfaction with this reception,

“Do you wanna cantar comigo?” (sing with me?), asked the singer before starting to play “Flying”. You can imagine the answer.

With a compilation, “Falling Deeper”, due in September, Vincent announced they would certainly play in Porto and Lisboa on the next tour. At another moment during the concert he said that Portugal is “a beautiful country, full with beautiful people”.

“Fragile Dreams” closed the show, and when ANATHEMA were already saying goodbye, the PA blew out again. Which didn’t stop the band from Liverpool to keep on waving and saying thank you. «

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