ESSENCE @ Vagos Open Air, 2011/08/05

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» The first international band of Vagos Open Air 2011 was one of the premiérs the bill had for us. 1/4 Danish, 1/4 Norwegian (bassplayer Benjamin Atlas, who at the moment is a session live musician), ESSENCE is the proof that the term “out of fashion” doesn’t apply to music genres. Barely in their 20s, they’ve played an excellent thrash metal concert – that old school thrash, typical of an era they weren’t born in yet.

They all seemed in a very good mood and really happy to be there, with singer Lasse Skov smiling all the time and talking to the audience between songs. He announced the third one by saying that some of us maybe had already seen the video and so we would know it started with the bass. Knowing “Blood Culture” or not, everybody clapped their hands to the rhythm of Atlas‘ bass.

After “Shades Of Black”, Skov asked “are we boring you, friends? Does Portugal like thrash metal?” The way the Portuguese roared and reacted to SLAYER‘s cover “Raining Blood” put an end to any doubt (if he really had any still).

By this time I was further in the back and couldn’t see the stage, but since we started to hear “we want more!”, I presume the boys had left the stage. But then I heard Skov‘s voice again, asking if we knew that song they’d just played, “It was Metallica, right?”. Some screamed no, but most of us just laughed. “Oh, of course. It was Megadeth. Like I said, in a very good mood :D

The last song was then “Lost In Violence”, title-track of their debut album.

Given the number of people I’ve seen with ESSENCE t-shirts, I wasn’t the only one thinking this band has a future. :) «

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