Revisited: SKILLER’s “Novels Of Suburbia”

SKILLER’s next work, “Follow The Siren”, will be released in 4 days (can’t wait!:woohoo:), so here’s a reminder of my opinion on “Novels Of Suburbia” 😉

Original Portuguese version here:

» SKILLER is… a metal band. Saying they play a mix of thrash metal with some kind of metalcore doesn’t seem enough or fair. I invite you to listen to this Swedish band and decide for yourselves what to call them.

But whatever the label, I can tell you they’re aggressive, tough, powerful… all those adjectives that define a good… metal band :D (Big Grin)

“Novels of Suburbia” was released last year, and a new one begins to take shape, but when you listen to something which you like as much as I did with this one, it’s never too late to spread the word about it.

“Nothing To Fear” and “NotThat People” begin with a drum and guitar discharge capable of making any black metal band envious, heading afterwards into a more thrashy path.

“Crush It To The Bone” (probably my favourite) is the kind of song that, live, certainly puts everyone on the move and arouses this great desire in us of “killing” each other inside a mosh pit. And “Killer Symphony” makes us want to learn the lyrics so we can shout the chorus out at full force.

If these boys had a deal with a big record company, I bet that “Castle Of Blood” would be released as first single, for it sure has the potential for it.

And they’ve left “Among A Thousand Others” to the end, which merge more melodic chords with speedy riffs. It’s the closest to a ballad that this album can offer 😉 «

Producer: SKILLER and Jocke Skog

Track list:

1. Nothing to fear
2. It ends here
3. Crush it to the bone
4. Killer symphony
5. Shadowgirl
6. A night to remember
7. Devils marsh
8. Not that people
9. Castle of blood
10. Triple six
11. Among a thousand others

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