BLOWSIGHT @ Sala Live!, 2010/11/11

Note: these pics were taken with a compact camera while I was being crushed against the stage by an amazingly insane crowd. Hence the doubtful quality.

I know what you’re thinking: “Didn’t you fly to Stockholm less than 2 months ago to see these guys? And now you went abroad again?!”. My darlings, I agree when Nikki Sixx says that “life is beautiful”, but I also believe it’s up to us to make it that way. You never know what tomorrow brings – it can be a great thing, but it can also suck dishwater. So whatever I can do to collect those great things, I do it! And each band that I saw that night definitely gives me some of my best moments. So I told my boss I had important business in Madrid and off I went!  

BLOWSIGHT were due at 21:00, and SONIC at 22:00, so I was hopeful that they would play a little more than at Klubben. Bah, guess again. The only difference on the setlist was that they replaced “I’ll be around” for “how I get what I deserve”. So now I created another list: bands-to-see-AS-HEADLINERS-at-least-once-before-I-die

While waiting for the doors to open (I got to the venue pretty early, as I wanted to assure my spot on the front row), I listened to some kids asking who BLOWSIGHT were, what did they play… and a few who actually knew the band replied that it wasn’t their thing, that they preferred heavier stuff. They completely changed their minds after this show! Those same guys who “preferred heavier stuff” were jumping and screaming like hell  “Thought of bride” was entitled to a mosh pit! And everybody was singing the chorus of “poker face”. The band was completely blown away. Seb even wanted to take us back home  More than once, between songs, the crowd started to scream “BLOWSIGHT! BLOWSIGHT!” And in the end, everybody wanted autographs, and pictures… And many were saying they didn’t know them, but after this show they were definitely going to listen to their cds. Hell, I was so damn proud of wearing my own Skully t-shirt and being one of the very few who sang along all the lyrics  BLOWSIGHT IN CONTROL!

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