BLOWSIGHT’s “Dystopia Lane”

Original Portuguese version here:

» What most caught my attention the first time I’ve ever listened to BLOWSIGHT was Nick Red’s voice – melodic, clean on both high and low tones, and catchy. It didn’t take long that I let myself to be seduced by the rocking beats of Fabz’s drums and Mini’s bass, as well as the energy of Seb’s guitars. I became a fan since the first hearing of their debut album “Destination: Terrorville”.

So it was with big enthusiasm that I welcomed “Dystopia Lane”. And I wasn’t disappointed. I saw the band live recently and the words I used to describe them was that they “exhaled rock’n’roll”. I say it again, with more conviction. The themes of this new work have an even more contagious rhythm, being impossible not to feel the urge to go along with it with your foot, head or even your whole body. Clear examples of that are “I Wish You 666”, “Three Words (Under Ordinary)” and “Standby Button”. Or songs with shyer openings – “Wake Up Dead”, “Blue Hair” or “Invisible Ink” – which suddenly explode in movement. Ballads? Of course there are: “Things Will Never Change”, “Days Of Rain” and the dark “Dystopia”. Regarding the lyrics, they are still based on everyday stories, which everyone can identify themselves with.

I highlight some juicy details such as the guitar solo on “I Wish You 666”, the background vocals on the chorus of “Blue Hair”, the bass line on “Miracle” and the strings and synth arrangements throughout the whole album. And I must mention “Bandit For Life”, the song in honor of Bandit radiostation, and the brilliant cover of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”, which I don’t know if they re-recorded or simply remixed the single released early this year. All I know is that the ending is slightly different on the vocals.

In general, “Dystopia Lane” is an album “three words above extraordinary”.


  1. I Wish You 666
  2. Three Words (Under Ordinary)
  3. Invisible Ink
  4. Wake Up Dead
  5. Things Will Never Change
  6. Miracle
  7. Bandit For Life
  8. Blue Hair
  9. Days Of Rain
  10. Based On A True Story
  11. Standby Button
  12. Compassion For A Dream
  13. Poker Face
  14. Dystopia «

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4 Responses to BLOWSIGHT’s “Dystopia Lane”

  1. 666forever says:

    One of the catchiest albums I’ve heard in a long time. These guys will go far. You were spot on with the review and the song poker face was actually rerecorded.

    • Pieni says:

      “Catchiest” is the right word 😉 And live they work even better! At least “I wish you 666”, “three words”, “miracle” and “poker face”, which were the ones they played on both concerts I’ve seen.
      Thank you for your words and the confirmation about the re-recording of “poker face” 🙂

  2. Miguel"Inglês" says:

    Very Catchy album 🙂 love Wish 666 😀
    Poker Face greatttttttttttt coverrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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