SONIC SYNDICATE @ Sala Live!, 2010/11/11

Note: these pics were taken with a compact camera while I was being crushed against the stage by an amazingly insane crowd. Hence the very doubtful quality. But who cares?! I HAD A BLAST!!!

 They say 7 is a lucky number. Well, in terms of SONIC gigs, that definitely worked for me! My apologies to former members but that was the best show I’ve seen so far Heart I’ve never seen them jump so much and scream so loud! If I always thought they gave 100% on stage, that night they surely gave 200%. They seem more loose, somehow. And the crowd gave back all the adrenaline that was thrown at them.

I presume you want my opinion on Christoffer Andersson. HE KICKED ASS! His screams are high clean and even, fitting perfectly in every song. He jumps and covers every inch of the stage, SONIC-style. The only thing he has to work out is communicating with the audience, as he let Nathan do all the talking. But it’s understandable at this point. It’s not easy to fill the shoes of a founding member, especially when there’s still so much bad blood. But for what I saw that night, he has no need to worry. And when talking to Karin at the end of the show, it’s been like that everywhere: everybody’s loving the guy. Gooooooooooo, Stoffe! Dance!

The lights were crappy, and I was so close that Nathan’s sweat was dripping all over me XD Plus the insane crowd was crushing me against the stage, so there was no conditions of getting angles and stability for a decent shot. Did I care? Pff! All I cared about was having enough breath to scream along every word of every song, as they deserved. In fact, the entire venue did so.

There were lots of high moments – hell, the whole show was a high moment for itself! – but I must mention the “don’t close your eyes”-part in “flashback” and “I’m starting a new life” in “my own life”, the mosh pit in “aftermath” and “rebellion in nightmareland”, the wall of death in “Jack of Diamonds” (duh!) and the beginning of “denied” and “turn it up”. Speaking of which, to everyone who still thinks “WTF?!” when it comes to this song, you are surely missing something here.

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